Providing aligned and divine admin support to Soulpreneurs & Heart-led Businesses, gifting back your time to focus on creative flow and abundance.

Admin & Systems

Bespoke strategies to investigate your admin needs and implement systems to make your time more efficient.

Creative Project Management

Organisation of your creative projects task flow and assisting you in bringing them to life.

Virtually Available

We don't need to be located in the same area or even timezone, we can hold space for your business anywhere in the universe!

We thrive on establishing long-term collaborations with you and your business.  It means that we can intimately and intuitively know you and your business, while you work your magic, we work consistently supporting you both.

We value collaborating with only a select number of clients and that’s why we much prefer to offer you a set number of hours each week, every week, for complete transparency and to meet your expectations.

The more we become an integral part of your business, the more we share in its vision and values.  We believe that your success is a reflection of our alignment and collaboration with your business, as our success relies on yours.  

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Heart-led completed collaborative and flexible business support.



Bespoke Contract

Negotiated rate

Best possible hourly rate

for ongoing projects.

Invoiced fortnightly.

Bespoke Hourly

Negotiated rate

Perfect try before committing

to a package or contract.

Invoiced weekly.

5 hour block

$275 + GST

Ideal for smaller projects.

Prepaid. Expires within 30 days.

10 hour block

$500 + GST

Perfect for larger projects.

Prepaid. Expires within 60 days.


From our blog

Virtual Business Support

Do you have grand dreams for your business but lack the time to implement them? You started your business to make a difference, using what comes naturally to you to serve others.  You have a clear vision for the direction of your business… but you’re so buried in the time consuming day to day admin…

What Does A Strategist Do??

What is strategy? On almost every LinkedIn profile today, you’ll see a skill for some sort of ‘strategy’ capability listed. Strategy has become the modern day buzzword. When you move from the digital to the real world and ask someone, though, often those same people can’t provide a clear and concise understanding of what good…

Outsourcing = smart use of your business cashflow.

Outsourcing your administrative setup and support can yield amazing results for your business. Many businesses adopt the outsourcing model for a number of reasons, including:   Flexibility The demand for administrative work increases and decreases, anticipated or not, and outsourcing offers solutions to your staffing needs without the commitment. Flexibility is especially essential if you’re…


kind words

I have had the pleasure of working along Bec and have found her very knowledgeable and proficient and readily takes on any task with professionalism and enthusiasm.
Jan Garside
I can highly recommend Bec her professional approach is simple and to the point. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my problem was dealt with and resolved. Will be definitely using her expertise again when needed.
Lynette Hall
Bec is an amazing person and is very professional with everything business related, she is organized and has great ideas. I would highly recommend her to anybody needing assistance with their business.
Linda Sapkaroski


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